Saturday, December 31, 2011

Bachelor of Science(Hons) Architecture Sem 2

Here comes to my conclusion of works/assignments done for Semester 2

For the first project of Studio 2, we were to analyse a masterpiece work of an architect where Mario Botta was chosen and the building selected was Centre Durrenmatt Neuchatel.

Section cut model of the centre

     It is dedicated to the famous Swiss novelist and playwrite Friedrich Dürrenmatt. The centre houses the collection of his expressive literary and pictorial archive to be displayed to the public. Besides,  exhibitions, seminars, contemporary music concerts & debates are organised at there to bring to life the spirit of him. Located next to Friedrich's house, there is an underground area connecting both the buildings, reinforcing the relationship between the new spaces and the old house to which Durrenmatt had moved in in 1952.

     The building responded to its site context/topographical condition where it sits into the steep slope, making it as part of the site. It is always Mario Botta's principal to consider the site first before proceeding with the design. Instead of ‘building on site’, the building ‘builds the site’.

     He also emphasizes on simplicity in his design with strong sense of geometry, yet able to create unique volume of space. The bold area is the concave double-height interior space is laid out as an exhibition area.

     From our analysis, the spaces in the building can be divided into personal, social and public. As for social spaces, they are the lobby & exhibition area where people of same interest come along to have exhange/sharing of opinion/experience. There is an open observatory deck on the roof top which is categorized as public space with green colour. The seminar room of red colour is of personal space where the interaction is more on one-to-one and one-to-more.

 Directional pathway from entrance to exhibition area

Section of the spaces

     Below is the project 2 where we were to design a caretaker's studio with the site being the Meromictic Lake at Penang National Park. The client is an angler and the site chosen is beside the opening of the lake.

Criss crossing


     The design is derived from both words where we got from a leaf. Criss crossing effect is created by the division  of the ground and upper floor deck with the staircase being the roof envelope, covering the interior beneath. the entire pavilion is made of vertical planes of increasing height, giving a sense of openness within closure, possessing rhythm.

Within the vertical planes, it functions to store the fishing poles horizantally and vertically.


Project 3: Anglers' clubhouse
     Basically, my design idea was derived from the neighboring tensile cable bridge where I created a continuous flow of the structure that leads to the clubhouse and the design is of floating lightweight elements. The organic shape is from the curvy contour layers, intended to capture the attractive views of lake and sea.

     The lake consists of fresh water on upper level & salt water on lower level which do not mix. Water flows into the lake from sea through a connecting gap & streams from hill. During low tides, it transforms into layered mudflat of terrestrial grasses.


     As for the building Construction final project which is of integration to the studio project, we were to identify three unique construction methods. Basically, the major material used is steel due to its lightweight, easy construction & durability.
3000 x 180 x 20mm composite metal deck floor

7000 x 4000 x 300mm corrugated steel roof deck

Steel plate connected to column

Steel plate connected to I-beam

Sectional isometric of the clubhouse

Project : We were assigned to study several railway stations in Asean region where we eventually chose Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh, Johor Bahru, Alor Star & Tanjong Pagar(Singapore) railway stations. The history background, architecture, influence to the region are studied as well. Below attached are the A4 booklet.

Computer Applications AutoCAD project
This is my first AutoCAD project re-constructing the bungalow unit in Athyma Villa 2 in Shah Alam.

Above are basically the projects done for Semester 2. Thanks for viewing.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Bachelor of Science(Hons) Architecture Sem 1

Started off with my Degree life in Taylor’s University, below are the works done during the first semester.

   Project : We made an architectural mask that reflects our own personality, where mine is a person whose speech doesn’t convey the exact/direct meaning, which means the listener has to think in other way round to figure out what am i trying to tell actually. For the design, I tried to visualise the personality through the grid network of mask which starts transferring message from brain to the back of my head. From there, the ‘message’ is transferred to the mouth via left hand side, passing through the ear, then the mouth. I did it in this way as to show that a message goes through big round but not directly from the brain to the mouth. In other words, I dont a person my real intention/thought, but you have to think deep and comprehensive to get it right.

   Project : Create a 4m x 4m space for hide & peep purpose in the campus. For the site, we chosen an quite isolated and human flow free site besides a staircase. The site is of canopy of trees and vegetation which is ideal to camouflage. As for design, we derived idea from Kekun, which we made the structure as one from the ceiling, wall to floor.

Montage of model to the site

   Project: I was assigned to create a day-dreaming space for a performer(Derrick Hoh-Singaporean Singer). The site chosen is the back alley of Jalan Sultan that connects to the carpark and wet market. The wall where the structure is going to be attached is of bricks finishing that of uneven surfaces and it suits my concept of pixelization
  My design idea is of pixelization as mentioned where I pixelized the imgae of my client to study the depth of spaces. Though equal size, each pixel unit with different tonal value gives a different feeling/imagination to the user as they experience depth & distance.
  Chaos & organized – some units are arranged neatly & some are not. Looking at it from different angles is crucial to see the entire picture of what it is about actually.

Building Analysis : Hagia Sophia
   Project : we were to analyse Hagia Sophia in term of its architecture, history and function. From our research, Hagia Sophia or the church of holy wisdom located in Istanbul is an embodiment of Byzantine architecture. Being significant of this architecture style, the large central dome symbolises the vault of heaven. Placing a dome over a square space during that time was firstly achieved by using pendentives(curved triangle) laid between supporting arches that distribute the weight of the dome to the walls.
  At the base of central dome, there are 40 single-arched windows which permit the entry of natural light to the interior, making the dome as if it is floating in the air.

The above are roughly of the works done during Semester 1. Hope you enjoyed viewing it.